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Hey, gold hand in! after some partying and some sleep Murray uploaded the film. so there it is. there will be a bit of an update after film day. but here it is.

Night Shift from murraytruelove on Vimeo.

28 april


Hey lots and lots of shots have been done! at the mo. Daniel is animating the last shot, yes the last shot. we have shown are film to Neil and Matins showing the updates on it and they are loving it. helpfully by the end of the month we can show them a whole film and then we can change a some shots and fix some others. the group is very happy with the extra time that the year has got, it was moved from the 4 of may to the 11 of may. this has given as more time to fix shots and to give to Sam for the music and sound. i will post up some screen shots as soon as!

12 April



11 April


Ev1 ev2

ev3 ev4

Shot 2 from murraytruelove on Vimeo.




1 April


totally forgot to post up the beta! the essay for uni is handed in so on with the film!

charlotte_final2 colt0000Drain0000 Env0000
post-1404-1269388749 sculptpost-1648-1269555936 post-1648-1270054721

22 march


just listing to Bear McCreary – Passacaglia while I’m updating the blog. you should listen to the song, it’s very good.

charlotte_endmarch21 render3Fusion test0000 cavan end4

Murray Env

Image cavan start